What You Need to Know Before Your Marketing Journey can Begin

What is your Business?

So, you have taken the first step. You’ve realized that your business needs a better marketing strategy, or perhaps it was completely lacking in any form of effective advertising. Maybe you’ve seen other businesses jump ahead of you and you’re wondering what your business is missing. Having an online presence in the business world has now become essential, but how and where do you start? We at All in One Digital are your marketing strategy experts, and we’re happy to help.

It’s important to know that there is more to building up your business online than simply hiring someone to do your marketing. An organized and structured strategy is necessary if you are going to invest time and money into your marketing, and it all starts with getting to know your business. Before we can delve into the aspects and antagonists of your business, you must first be able to tell us who and what you are as a professional and personal entity.

Before becoming our client, we take you through a survey of questions that help you to describe and rate the success of your business. Through this strategy, we are better able to understand your needs. Once we have a base on which to build the foundation, we begin our in-depth research. We analyse everything in your marketing strategy by downloading software into your site. This allows us to generate reports that show us everything, from how many ‘clicks’ you get into your site, to how well your followers are engaging with your social media posts. Once we have the numbers, we can tell you exactly what your company needs in order to succeed in the marketing world.

As soon as we know what you need, we can start building up your online presence.  


Building an Online Presence

There are many aspects to marketing online, and there are even more social media platforms that are accessed by thousands of people every day. Not every business needs to be on every social platform, but it may surprise you to know how many are successful on more than one platform. The biggest thing is that if you want to be present on more than one platform, you should share unique posts for each one. Variety is important if you are going to keep your audience engaged. It’s more work, but it is well worth the effort, and we can help you manage it all.

As a local business, it is important for you to be accessible and personable. This puts you steps ahead of other, larger companies. Price and personability are typically two of the most attractive aspects to a potential client or customer.

When your customers are able to find your business, then they are further able to engage with it. Online engagement can range from various avenues and proximities. For example, simply ‘liking’ a post is a fairly passive action. ‘Sharing’ a post is an active advocacy for your business. Further still, when a person becomes a follower on more than one social media platform (for example: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), then it is clear that they both support and promote your business or business values.

Creating a maneuverable website is incredibly important for your customers or clients. We believe in developing sleek, simple, and attractive marketability. Just about anyone can ‘make’ a website, but as marketing strategists, we have the in-depth knowledge necessary for website development and distribution.


Continuing the Journey

Setting up your social media networks and developing your website is only the beginning. Marketing your business is a constant and consistent track that must be maintained, improved, and evaluated on a regular basis. Working in partnership with a marketing strategy team will remove the stress of constant attention so that your focus can stay on your business. We’ll make you look good, and you will prove to your followers that you are a unique and qualified business. Plus, we won’t leave you out of the loop. We are always willing to listen and learn from you.

Get to know your business and make sure it’s being marketed the right way. Get to know us at All in One Digital. We can’t wait to get to know you.

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