Giving your Business a Viable Presence on the Facebook Social Media Platform


How to Navigate the Marketplace

Just about everyone and their dog is on Facebook, and sometimes it can be difficult to sift through all the meaningless information and find quality in the content. Facebook has evolved from simply being a social network interface, to being a major source of ongoing news, events, advertisements, commercials, buying and selling items, gaming, communication, etc. Users are on Facebook for various reasons. It’s main users are females between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five. That’s a huge age gap. And did you know there are also optimal times at which to post on Facebook to get the most views? It is essential to know how to confidently target your specific audience for the product or service that you are providing, and at the ideal time.

Facebook’s popularity continues to expand, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Of course, a lot of businesses have caught on to this, which means users are constantly bombarded with ads on their favourite social media outlets.

Advertisements are inescapable in this day-and-age, so how do you expect yours will make it through all the digital noise? Marketing requires a stable balance, a confident message, and a consistent brand. It’s easy to post anything on social media, but are you sending your potential customers a high quality message, or is it being lost amidst the fray?


Content and Diversity

Facebook ads require careful consideration, intriguing content, attractive visuals, and, perhaps most importantly, they must be succinct. Our new digital generation has a very short attention span averaging at eight seconds per subject. When it comes to advertisements, you only have a few brief seconds to grab the attention of the person browsing before they move on to new content, so it is essential for each ad created under your business to appeal to its targeted demographic.

Another very important aspect of Social Media advertisements, one that is often forgotten, is to diversify content. When a user consistently sees the same advertisement popping up on their page day after day, spanning across every social media outlet, they may choose to block the ad. Repetitive content, while sometimes catchy, is also annoying for the average viewer.

We don’t want any negativity to be associated with your brand, and nor do we want you to spend money unnecessarily on Facebook advertising that does not work. While we do believe it is important to advertise on this Social Media platform, we also believe that there are good and bad ways of going about it.

The keys to creating a viable Facebook ad is for it to be concise, informative and attractive. Once your business has been established on social media, your brand will be more easily recognized by a potential customer or client. 

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