Building Your Brand on Social Media Platforms

The Advantages of Being on Social Media

Having your business present on the social media platforms can be an affordable way to build awareness for your brand and develop the personality of your business in advertising. It allows you to post content that is not strictly a catalogue of your products and services. You can make the most of every aspect of your business, from a story shared by one of your employees, to a great experience sent by a past customer, to a new and exciting shipment that has arrived early.

Events and promotions on Facebook are also a great way to get your name out there and engage with your audience. It takes your business from an online sphere into a tangible setting. So long as you are diligent and effective with your content creation, your audience set should build into interested, and eventually loyal, customers.

Social Media can create a relaxing atmosphere for customers to engage with. If your posts are thoughtful, so too will your audience be.

It is important to make sure your posts are not a constant stream of jumbled material. Consistency and uniqueness are key to being a business on a digital platform. Once your audience sees the personality of your business, those who can relate to it will form a bias towards your brand, and will be more likely to contact you, share your material, or click into your website to engage with your business content further. Just don’t annoy them with hourly updates or unrelated content.  

What Could Go Wrong?

Firstly, monitoring and creating social media content on a regular basis is a huge amount of work, and also a necessity. Answering messages that have questions or concerns should be top of mind for the business. Social Media Advertising, as with any other aspect of your business marketing, requires dedication and constant creativity. That can be overwhelming. But, if you keep your business off the various social media platforms, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. So, what can you do?

There is so much content on social media coming from businesses all over the place, including your competitors. That’s why your content needs to be unique and engaging if it has any chance of standing out. Some companies make the mistake of over-saturating the marketplace as well. You must develop a balance for the frequency and timing of your posts. Posting too much may annoy your customers, while not posting enough may leave your brand forgotten. To find which post times work the best for you, you will need to monitor how your previous posts have done, and use those insights to have your content seen. And not only will your content be seen, but noticed and noted.

Stand up, Stand out

Your business is an important part of you. What makes it stand out? What’s unique about it? If you are going to make your business a success, you need to define exactly what makes you different so you can show your audience exactly why they should follow your brand. Gain a customer’s loyalty, and they will become an advocate for your business.

There are many ways to make your social media ads effective, and it’s not by dollar amounts alone.

The best way to develop your brand is to familiarize your audience with your content by maintaining consistency and creating engagement. It’s easy for someone to scroll through their newsfeeds and ignore the ads that don’t relate to them or don’t spark their interest. Target your ads towards a specific demographic; that way, you aren’t trying to sell dog treats to a cat owner, or a sports car to a thirteen-year-old.

Appeal to your customer’s abilities, creativity and interests without straying from the true purpose of your brand. Each of your posts should be thoughtful, informative or unique enough to make your audience want to share, like, or engage with it. Encourage your audience’s intelligence by asking questions and gaining insight on what your business could do better, or which products they like the best. It’s one thing to show off the personality of your business, but there’s another side to the digital coin. Get to know what your customers are looking for, and when they feel that they have been heard, they will share your brand with others.

A great customer-service experience translates into the digital platforms. Just be active and personal. Show that your business is not a big, faceless corporation, but showcase that it is a family-run coffee shop with a unique story.

Know Your Audience

Create a memorable experience for your audience by the content you create. The type of business you run will have a lot to do with where you are advertising. For example, LinkedIn is a platform used mostly by business-professionals, while Instagram is a place for the freely artistic to share visual content. Reddit is a place for humour and open discussion forums. Pinterest is a place for creatives, DIYers and stay-at-home moms on a budget. Find which platform fits your business’s personality and will best showcase the products or services you have to offer.

Crafting Effective Ads

Remember that the best use of paid ads on Facebook and Instagram is to target specific demographics. Rather than boosting any and every post you create, choose to boost the most unique content. That way, you are spending more on one successful post, rather than a little on every post.

Using hashtags may not seem like a useful use of space on a post, but if you can find hashtags that are currently trending and fit with what you’re advertising, use them. This is an easy, organic way to share to a larger audience set when they are searching for something related to what you’re selling.

Posts that contain visual aids are much more successful than a simple post with text. We live in a visual age, where a photo or a short video will be noticed much more than a paragraph-long spiel about your business. If you are posting a photo, try to keep minimal text on the actual picture.

Facebook has a Text Overlay Tool which determines whether or not your image has too much text and will therefore reach less people. Videos are also a great idea, so long as they are related to your business and are not too long. A huge percentage of videos posted on social media are watched without volume, so consider posting something that has either subtitles, or can be viewed without sound.    

Call to Action

Finally, if you are to make your social media ads more effective, you must give your audience a reason to come back. Create content that has a ‘call to action’, meaning you ask your audience to click, call, or sign up. Rather than focusing on what the actual product is, however, focus on what they get out of it. For example, instead of telling them to sign up for your newsletter, let them know that they can get 20% off on one product in-store, a deal which is found in the newsletter.

Successfully advertising your business on social media can be very demanding: be creative, be unique, always be available, be personable, show personality, develop a brand, build customer loyalty, and the list goes on. Not everyone can commit as much time and effort into their business social media profiles. If you need help knocking your social media ad campaign out of the park, All in One Digital has a team of experts who handle all of your marketing needs under one roof. As our ‘call to action’, get your business off the ground and into the digital world with All in One Digital.

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Successful Advertising On Social Media

  1. Stand up, stand out!

  2. Know your audience

  3. Crafting your ad

  4. Call to action

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