Web Design 3 Factors Every Website Must Consider!

Functionality and Accessibility in Web Design

One of the most obvious and important aspects of having a professional website is to make it functional and accessible. A lot of web design sites provide a template for users to maneuver and manipulate, and these sites do their best to make the process of website design user-friendly. However, a lot of users are unaware of the many branches of building a professional site and end up with broken links or missing pages. Using these sites, while helpful in some ways, are also very high maintenance and require a lot of time and upkeep. Plus, a lot of the time you are paying to do it yourself, just so you can have a domain name. This is not ideal for a busy business owner or someone who is not confident with technology.

Contracting someone else to build your website isn’t always ideal, either. You can end up with someone who lacks experience and know-how, or overcharges for an unimpressive site. You want it to represent the personality of your company and not simply overlaid onto a template seen a million times. One of the major ways web designers keep your business is that they do not allow you access to your own site. At All in One Digital, we don’t believe in doing that. We train you to whatever extent you prefer so you can make changes as we go.

A website should not only be functional (meaning it has a structure and a destination), but it should also be simple. And by simple, we don’t mean lacking. Websites that contain too many extra links, graphics, signs and posts can become confusing or overwhelming for visitors of the site. Your message and the purpose of your business should be clear within the first thirty seconds on your website.


Oftentimes, less is more when it comes to web design. Adding information just to fill the empty spaces is pointless and time consuming. Slim down your website without losing important information. However, none of this matters if no one can find your website.

You may have heard the word ‘SEO’ before–Search Engine Optimization–but do you know what that means, or how to improve it? Your website needs a strong SEO to be found on sites such as Google. The SEO, more importantly your Local SEO, allows people to find your business page without paying extra for ads. Let’s call it ‘organically-earned results’.

If your business is at the top of the search results, it’s more likely to gain click-through results. But, what happens after that? When the searcher clicks, what do they see at the other end?


A website can be really good, or it can be a disaster. You want a website that is visually attractive so that your business looks professional and it’s message is clear. If your website has personality, the viewer may be drawn into the business as a whole and invest their time with it. Once a viewer is impressed by your business on-screen, everything else should be much easier.

Not everyone has an artistic eye, and we understand that. That’s why we have a graphic designer on our team. Not everyone is great at spelling and grammar, and we get that too. That’s why we have a copy editor on our staff. We want every aspect of your business, including its website, to be stunning and professional.  

You don’t have to be confident in web design, because we are. We’ll make sure to keep the integrity of your business alive in a functional, findable and fundable way.

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