How To Market Your Business in a Digital Age?

Creating a Virtual Presence

Over the last decade especially, our world has become extremely reliant on all things digital. Just about every person ranging from age six to eighty now carries a tiny computer in their pockets with amazing processing abilities. We have access to vast arrays of information within seconds. Libraries are all but useless in the age where we can Google just about anything with the twitch of a thumb.

With this dramatic change also comes a need for adaptation in businesses around the world. Nowadays, even the local coffee shop needs a website and a Trip Advisor review before most people will walk in its doors. Word-of-mouth is a wonderful tool for advertising, and now a vast majority of those words have been translated into text. Facebook reviews, comments, shares and likes are what now define whether a business will fail or succeed. Having the option for an online checkout is becoming the preferred method instead of walking into a physical space and making a purchase. Some of the most successful companies in the world (example: Amazon) are almost completely digital. We are moving into a cashless society. In many cases, customers prefer less face-to-face contact and more time with the screen, while also appreciating the personalization of a business. They may prefer their shipment to be delivered straight to their door, but they also want to see customer appreciation, benefits, memberships, and deals. That’s where local businesses have their market.

Being Found Online

Many potential customers will be turned off from a business if they visit a website that lacks information or is difficult to navigate. If the business doesn’t even have a website, they probably won’t bother. When a potential customer is looking for your product and not specifically your business name, are they able to find you amongst the millions of other businesses which provide similar products and services? Do you stand out amidst the crowd?

We’re here to see that you do.

You are Unique

Having a Facebook page is one thing. Having a website is another. Simply having these things, however, does not mean that they are effective. Anyone can set up a Facebook page, but can just anyone proactively manage one and draw in new business, while also being visually stimulating but not irritating with repetitive ads?

Every business is unique, and every product and service receives a different reaction from it’s audience, the customer. That’s why we personalize your experience when choosing a marketing analyst. Each business needs a full-drawn analysis of what works, what doesn’t, and where it’s money can be saved. We do the math, write up the stats, develop the image, and create the content. If you need it, we do it all. But, we don’t do it unless you do actually need it. That’s what makes us unique.

Adapt and Evolve

Change isn’t always easy, but with the digitizing of today’s market, businesses aren’t left with much choice. Not everyone is tech-savvy, and that’s okay. Not everyone is a graphic designer, either. There are ways to create a viable and interesting business in the online market without having the know-how of computer programming and analytics. Your business is yours, and your ideas are yours. All in One Digital provides answers to questions, help where it’s needed, and creative and innovative ideas to keep your marketing on track. First and foremost, though, we get to know you and your business. That’s how we maintain who and what you are.

In 2017, it is almost completely necessary to have an online presence. Without it, you fall further behind while others surge ahead. The virtual space that you inhabit will be more effective and less costly than anywhere else, and it will allow your customers to engage with you and your business in ways that were not previously possible.

Perhaps you already have a website and a Facebook page, but your following and engagement is low, and the only ‘likes’ you have are from friends or family. Our business analysis will tell you all of that, and provide specific and detailed solutions to better market your business.

We live in a digital age. It’s time to input change without changing your company missions and values. We want you to succeed as much as you do. Now, go forth and go online.

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